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Why You Should Get a Solar Power Bank

Have you ever experienced your phone dying in the middle of a long trip, and the nearest charging outlet feels like a Solar System away from your location? If you have experienced this kind of scenario, then it is about time you get your own power bank!

Power banks are portable battery packs that enable you to charge your mobile phone or tablet without the need of plugging them in a socket. They’re extremely efficient to carry around, and they don’t add much weight to your baggage.

Sometimes it’s only when you’re desperate to charge your phone in an emergency when you realize how important it is to really have a power bank in your bag at all times. Don’t wait for that to happen.

There are many different kinds of affordable power banks available in the market today. If you’re looking for one that is worth your money while being environmentally friendly at the same time, then a solar power bank is what you’re looking for.

It’s portable

A power bank is portable, meaning it can be easily packed in any bag. Many models are as slim and light as your phone. Solar power banks offer you the same portability as well, while also being built as sturdy as possible.

Most solar power bank models come in silicone rubber casings so it’s safe from most forms of contact with any hard surface. You won’t be worrying it getting damaged if you have a lot of items in your bag.

Charge Anytime, Anywhere

As mentioned earlier, one of the perks of having a powerbank is being able to charge anywhere. You can charge your phone or tablet wherever you are, whether you’re in a car, boat, plane, or even while walking.

Depending on the model, some power banks can offer hours of charging, which can help your phone last a whole day. While a normal power bank requires you to plug it in once it’s empty, a solar power bank can be charged through the power of sunlight. In a tropical country like the Philippines, this can be no problem as there is hardly any shortage of sunlight for us.

It’s environmentally-friendly

Perhaps the most important benefit of having a solar power bank is that it is environmentally-friendly. Having the ability to recharge the power bank without the need of plugging it into a socket means that you are saving a good amount of electricity. All you need is some sunlight! There are also models that can be charged just by exposing it to fluorescent light. By not using electricity to charge your power bank and phone, you are already reducing your carbon footprint without effort.

A power bank is one of the most essential items to bring during work or school. It is especially useful when going out of town or out of the country. Having it with you at all times ensures you that your gadgets can be charged up at a moment’s notice. A solar power bank gives you all these, plus being able to charge them outdoors. In case you’re interested, there are other solar-powered gadgets you might want to consider having as well.

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